Eurobulk was founded in 1982 and kept office at Rotterdam. In the beginning the company was a combination of private barge owners, who offered their customers a joint service for transport and floating storage capacity of bulk cargo.
More and more, Eurobulk developed into a professional provider of logistical services and is actually able to offer its clients a full package service, without limitations of product or area.
C.S. de Jonge B.V. was founded in 1940 as an affreightment company, which acted basically as an intermediary between clients and private owned motor-vessels. Till the year 2000 a legal Bourse System existed, to handle the cargo, which was carried from the Netherlands to Belgium and France. After the European liberalization of these markets,

C.S. de Jonge developed more into a shipping company, taking a part in the general cargo market performed by motor-vessels. C.S. de Jonge is highly experienced, performing in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the Danube area and since 2001 a 100 % subsidiary of Eurobulk.