Eurobulk and C.S. de Jonge are both GMP+-certified, according GMP 01/GMP 08a
Eurobulk: certificate number 102948
C.S. DE Jonge: certificate number 101947

This quality assurance system assures you, that the service provided by Eurobulk is according the legal rules and regulations of this organisation for animal feed. The Product Board Animal Feed is a regulatory industrial organization for businesses and for employees in the animal feed production chain. www.pdv.nl
On request we can present you a copy of our GMP+-certificate.

NIWO is a mandatory registration for transport companies. NIWO stands for the Foundation for National and International Road transport and controls de flow of waste-materials. www.niwo.nl. After registration a VIHB-number will be given, EuroBulk VIHB number: ZH502661VIHB

Eurobulk Transport Maatschappij BV. fulfils the following criteria:
Competence        Reliability        Creditworthy